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December 12, 2023

January 23, 2024

February 20, 2024

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SCML member tests passed: 

November 2023

Kassidy Amos: Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, TenFox (Bronze Dance Test)

Kim Barnhart: Solo Fiesta Tango (Pre-Bronze Solo Dance Test) 

Leah Capsambelis: Solo Quickstep, Solo Viennese Waltz, Gold Solo Free Dance

Jessica Nicolaus: Pre-Gold Singles

Sarah Reyer: Solo Rocker Foxtrot (Silver Solo Dance Test), Solo Kilian

October 2023

Kassidy Amos: Bronze Skating Skills

Kim Barnhart: Solo Swing Dance, Solo Cha Cha

Leah Capsambelis: Solo Paso Doble, Solo Kilian (Pre-Gold Solo Dance Test)

Tessa Dando: Solo KIlian

Sarah Reyer: Solo Tango, Solo American Waltz; Pre-Gold Solo Free Dance

September 2023

Tessa Dando: Pre-Silver Solo Free Dance

Jessica Nicolaus: Silver Singles

Sarah Reyer: Solo Foxtrot, (Pre-Silver Solo Dance Test)

Grace Weir: Pre-Silver Skating Skills

August 2023

Elisabeth Brown: Pre-Bronze Skating Skills

Leah Capsambelis: Solo Starlight Waltz, Solo Blues

Olivia Della Lucia: Pre-Gold Skating Skills

Jessica Nicolaus: Solo Ravensburger Waltz

Sarah Reyer: Solo Fourteenstep, Solo European Waltz, Silver Solo Free Dance

Hanna Scatena: Silver Skating Skills

July 2023

Alaina Barlock: Solo Fourteenstep

Leah Capsambelis: Solo Rocker Foxtrot, Solo American Waltz (Silver Solo Dance Test)

Jessica Nicolaus: Solo Rhumba

Sarah Reyer: Solo Hickory Hoedown, Solo TenFox (Bronze Solo Dance Test)

June 2023

Kassidy Amos:                            Fiesta Tango, Swing Dance (Pre-Bronze Dance Test)

Leah Capsambelis: Solo Foxtrot, Solo European Waltz (Pre-Silver Solo Dance Test), Solo Tango, Junior Solo Free Dance

Tessa Dando: Juvenile Solo Free Dance

Jessica Nicolaus: Junior Solo Free Dance

Sarah Reyer: Solo Swing Dance, Solo Fiesta Tango (Solo Pre-Bronze Dance Test), Solo Willow Waltz; Intermediate Solo Free Dance

Emma Wood: Pre-Preliminary MIF

May 2023

Marysia Brown: Solo Silver Samba, Solo Tango Romantica

Leah Capsambelis: Novice Solo Free Dance, Solo Fourteenstep

Jessica Nicolaus: Novice Solo Free Dance, Solo Tango Romantica

Thandie Norris: Pre-Juvenile MIF, Solo Fiesta Tango

Sarah Reyer: Solo Cha Cha

Grace Weir: Juvenile Solo Free Dance, Preliminary Free Skate

April 2023

Leah Capsambelis: Intermediate Solo Free Dance, Ten Fox, Willow Waltz, Hickory Hoedown (Bronze Solo Dance Test)

Sarah Reyer: Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues (Preliminary Solo Dance Test), Juvenile Solo Free Dance